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Vehiatua PRUNIER

Your Captain is a child of Fenua; he was born and has lived his entire life in Tahiti. From a very young age, he developed a special bond with the ocean; at 6 years old, Vehiatua was already fishing from the reef. Unsurprisingly, a few years later, he would develop his greatest passion for big game fishing, after years of spearfishing. Sailing, foiling, surfing, va’a (Tahitian canoe), va’a ta’ie (Polynesian sailing canoe)... Water sports hold no secrets for him. His professional career as a surfer is a perfect example. His goal today is to take you on his adventures aboard the Rangiariki-MH, sharing his passions and knowledge about the sea: its treasures, its dangers, and its ecosystem. Mauruuru roa, Maevaannées plus tard, c’est pour la pêche au gros qu’il développera sa plus grande passion, après avoir pratiqué la pêche sous-marine des années durant. Voile, foil, surf, va’a (tahitian canoe), va’a ta’ie (polynesian sailing canoe) … Les sports nautiques n’ont plus de secret pour lui. Sa carrière professionnelle en tant que surfeur en est un parfait exemple. Son objectif aujourd’hui, vous transporter dans ses aventures à bord du Rangiariki-MH en vous partageant ses passions et son savoir sur la mer : ses trésors, ses dangers et son écosystème. Mauruuru roa, Maeva